Jacobidebate with Richard Evans and Beatrice de Graaf

7 woe
7 april 2021

About five times a year, a debate is organised in the Utrecht Jacobichurch. During this edition, Sir Richard Evans, professor at the University of Cambridge, and Prof. Beatrice de Graaf (History and Art History ) discuss conspiracy theories and fake news in historical perspective.

Fake news in historical perspective

Renowned British historian Richard Evans puts ‘fake news’ in historical perspective with his recent challenging and illuminating study The Hitler Conspiracies: The Third Reich and the Paranoid Imagination. He takes on five conspiracy theories surrounding Adolf Hitler and subjects them to forensic examination. It resulted in a history book, but one for our own age of ‘post-truth’ and ‘alternative facts’. It makes you think: are historians the ultimate mythbusters? During this evening, Evans is interviewed by Beatrice de Graaf, and the two scholars discuss this question.

This event is part of a larger series of lectures, storytelling events and reading groups about the topic of ‘Truth’. It can be followed via a livestream, organised by ViaJacobi and Broese Booksellers. The event will be held in English.

Registration is not necessary. The livestream can be watched on ViaJacobi’s YouTube channel.

More information: Read more about this event on ViaJacobi’s website external link

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