International Workshop: Underestimated small towns in the Hansa? New ideas of research

20 zon
20 mei 2018

Town hall of Stendal

  • When? On the 20th and 21st of May 2018.
  • Where? In the town hall of the Hansestadt Stendal.
  • For whom? For all international students and PhD-students in historical sciences or related disciplines interested in the Hansa.
  • Registration:
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In tradition of the international workshop for young researchers in advance of the Pfingsttagung (annual congress) of the Hansischer Geschichtsverein (hanseatic history association) the next workshop will take place on 20th and 21st of May 2018 in Stendal.

In the context of the Hansa, cities like Hamburg or Bremen seem to be the center of attention. But who has heard of small cities like Uelzen, Korbach, Zutphen, Wipperfürth, Lemsalv, Kalmar or Stendal, forming the mass of hanseatic towns. Because of this imbalance of research attention, the upcoming workshop will take an eye on this.

The international workshop is organized by graduate students and young researchers and intends to stimulate the exchange of research into the Hansa by bringing together people from different regions, nationalities and disciplines.

The first day will focus on the current projects of  the participants. Everybody will have the chance to present (max. 10  min) a research project (e.g. term paper, bachelor-, master-, or  PhD-project), followed by a feedback round and a short discussion (5  min.) afterwards. Thereby each speaker should get proposals for their own research and the audience will get an impression of the current state of Hansa research.

The second day is dedicated to the research on “small Hansa towns” with different perspectives and emphases. We start with a keynote lecture. Afterwards the participants will work in groups to focus on topics like production, trade and identity in small town of the Hansa.  The working materials will be distributed before the workshop for individual preparation.

At the end, every group will present their results.  All of them will be summarized and presented at the following Pfingsttagung (annual congress).

Target group
The  workshop addresses all international students and PhD-students in historical sciences or related disciplines interested in the Hansa. Working languages will be German and English, though at least a good understanding of German will be necessary.

For  participation please send a motivation letter and a short academic CV (university, degree or state of study, knowledge of languages) in German or English before the 31st of January 2018. The presentation of a research project is very welcome, but not required for participation. If interested, please hand in a brief abstract of your research project (round about 600 words).

Please send all documents to:

Registrations will be confirmed until 29th of February.

To support the participation of young researchers a compensation for travel expenses will be arranged.

We (Christian Ashauer, Franziska Evers, Bart Holterman,  Jan Siegemund and  Maya Tischler) are all former participants of the  workshop. We like the idea of bringing together young researches from  different disciplines intersted in Hansa research and urban studies.  Spread over Germany and the Netherlands, we hope to put together a great  workshop in Stendal 2018.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us via:

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