7-8 December 2017: International Conference about the ‘war against terrorism’

7 do
7 december 2017
20e eeuw

Centre Marc Bloch, Berlin

Since the beginning of 2013, the research group “Urban Spaces of Violence” (Urbane Gewalträume) of the joint project “Saisir l’Europe” has dealt with questions relating to issues of violence practices, effects, and dynamics in an interdisciplinary perspective. Special attention has been paid to the interrelationship of these issues to various spatial configurations. For the members of the research group, the spatial conditions of the genesis of violence serve as common reference points, along with issues concerning the role of the statehoods(s) and form(s) of an organized regulation of violence within a given territory.

Taking this one step further, the international conference organized within the framework of the research group will turn to the present controversial and politically highly relevant topic of the war against terrorism.

See also the Call for Papers (Deadline 31 May)

More information and updates: www.saisirleurope.eu

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