Privacy & GDPR

On 25 May 2018 the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) took effect in all European Union member states, including the Netherlands. This GDPR succeeds the Personal Data Protection Act in the Netherlands. The objective of the GDPR on the one hand is to ensure ‘the protection of natural persons in connection with processing their data’ and on the other hand to regulate ‘the free movement of personal data within the European Union’.

According to the GDPR, as an association the KNHG is authorized to gather, store and process data from its members. Within the association an officer is appointed association staff member, in this case that is Caroline van Vliet. Members (or as in the GDPR ‘data subjects’) may address her to access, correct or remove their data.

The KNHG gathers specific personal data, shared voluntarily by the members, to perform its duties as a professional association. The bureau has compiled what is known as a Register of Processing Activities, which records which data are stored for which purposes, with whom these data are shared, and how long they will be retained.

Would you like additional information about the General Data Protection Regulation? Please see the website of the Dutch Data Protection Authority.


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