Low Countries History Award

The Low Countries History Award is presented once every three years and is made possible by the KNHG as the publisher of BMGN – Low Countries Historical Review, for the best article from the previous three volumes.

  • The award comprises a sum of € 1,500 and a one-year subscription to the printed journal.
  • Articles are judged based on the quality of the underlying research, writing style and composition and positioning the history of the Low Countries within current historiography debate.
  • Articles written by members of the editorial board of BMGN-LCHR or by KNHG board members are not eligible for the award.
  • The jury comprises of the chair of the International Advisory Board (also the jury chair) and another member of the Board, in addition to the chair and assistant chair of the editorial board.

The first granting of the award took place in 20016 during the KNHG’s Annual Conference for historians and was won by Tjamke Snijders. In 2019, Nicole L. Immler was awarded the prize for her article on the importance of the Rawagede case for acknowledging Dutch colonial past in the courtroom. In 2022, the award was won by Dieter Bruneel () and Leon Wessels for their article on constitutional debates on hunting and property rights in the United Kingdom of the Netherlands.

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