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19 February 2019

Report on the Conference on Academic Publishing in Europe (APE) in Berlin, 15-16 January 2019

As the Managing Editor of BMGN – Low Countries Historical Review, I travelled to Berlin to participate in the fourteenth…

15 February 2019

Call for Papers – Journal for the History of Knowledge, new international review

The  Journal for the History of Knowledge, a new international review which is to be launched early 2020, invites contributions.…

05 February 2019

Feedback Plan S by KNHG and BMGN – LCHR

At the end of 2018, members of cOAlitionS published a guidance on the implementation of Plan S. They now invited…

16 January 2019

A report of The American Historical Association’s Annual Meeting in Chicago, 3-6 January 2019

On 2 January 2019 I flew to Chicago to represent BMGN – Low Countries Historical Review and the Royal Netherlands…

15 November 2018

Call for Papers – Workshop ‘The Affective Glue of European Integration’

The role of transnational political, religious, and economic networks and their shared emotional vocabulary in shaping European integration (1930-’57) 8-9…

30 October 2018

16 januari 2019 – KNHG Nieuwjaarsborrel

Graag nodigen we u uit voor een informele nieuwjaarsborrel op 16 januari 2019 van 16:00-17:00 uur, in het Spinuis, Oudezijds…

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