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History has immense social value.

The KNHG professional organization of historians supports interests in the discipline and connects historians. Since October 2016 the KNHG bureau has been based at the Huygens ING (KNAW) in Amsterdam, with which the KNHG works closely as well.

To appeal to historians now and in the future, the KNHG will need to grow and most of all rejuvenate its association. Historians increasingly contact the KNHG as a network organization via websites and social media and at meetings and gatherings. Paid membership is a prerequisite for this involvement.

Young KNHG
Young KNHG operates as an independent working group. This format enables the KNHG to accommodate the desires and needs of historians starting out in the discipline.

Professional ethics
Critique and reflection about our professional practice help us improve the quality of work by historians. From 2015 till 2018 fellow professionals from various fields have joined the KNHG working group on Professional Ethics.

Each year the KNHG organizes a spring and autumn congress for historians. In addition, debates on substantive themes, the social role of historians and new methods in the discipline are organized year-round. 

Historians’ Days
The KNHG initiated the first edition of the Historians’ Days from August 24 to 26 in 2017 in Utrecht. This successful event will be organized every two years to feature the diversity and dynamics of history and art history, offer inspiration and promote cooperation between historians. The last Historians Days were organized in Groningen in 2019. The upcoming edition is scheduled for the summer of 2022 in Rotterdam.

In addition to its own association website, the KNHG has teamed up with Huygens ING to develop www.historians.nl. The site is the home page featuring information and current events, offers access to a wealth of digital resources and provides a platform for online discussion and cooperation. 

The publication of BMGN – Low Countries Historical Review – which has also appeared as Open Access since 2012 – enables the KNHG to contribute substantially to scholarship in history.

International cooperation
The KNHG represents the Netherlands on the International Committee of Historical Sciences (ICHS). This international organization of historians organizes the world congress for historians every five years: in Amsterdam (2010), in China (2015) and in Poland (2022).

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