Young KNHG

Young KNHG is dedicated to building bridges between incipient historians and fellow professionals. In keeping with this mission, Young KNHG is dedicated to increasing cohesion and alliances within the professional group. Tom Scheepstra, chairman, adds: ‘It is a common misunderstanding that historians only find employment in the academic sector.’

Manifesting greater self-awareness in public

Scheepstra believes that a close bond between different generations and disciplines benefits self-awareness of the professional group. ‘Historians often share a broad range of interests. Still, it is often considered not done to be ambitious or to think outside the box. That’s a pity. Historians should stand up for themselves, because they can be found anywhere in society.’ As KNHG director Antia Wiersma puts it: ‘With their energizing activities and broad network of ambitious students and young professionals,  Young KNHG inspires young historians to realize their plans for the future.’

Join Young KNHG

Young KNHG pursues its mission in practice by organizing a debate series, workshops and master classes. They reach out to all young historians the Netherlands and Flanders! To this end, you may consult and and send emails to

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