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Young KNHG is dedicated to building bridges between incipient historians and fellow professionals. In keeping with this mission, Young KNHG is dedicated to increasing cohesion and alliances within the professional group. Celeste van Veenen, chairwoman, adds: ‘The existing world of historians can seem intimidating to young peers, but at KNHG congresses and Young KNHG events networking proves to go very smoothly and fascinating new connections are established.’

Manifesting greater self-awareness in public

Van Veenen believes it is important that young historians know where to turn when seeking information about the academic work field and about the various other career paths historians can take. ‘Jong KNHG aims to bring together historians of all ages and backgrounds in order to enrich and continue to develop the professional field. Through our activities, we also try to introduce young historians to a wide range of interesting and especially useful skills, for example on academic writing, education and job application.’ As KNHG director Antia Wiersma puts it: ‘With their energizing activities and broad network of ambitious students and young professionals,  Young KNHG inspires young historians to realize their plans for the future.’

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