Historians’ Days

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Why Historians’ Days? 
Historians operate in the hub of society. How well do historians from different social domains know each other? To promote cooperation between all types of historians, KNHG, the professional organization of Dutch historians, decided to initiate the Historians’ Days.

What are the Historians’ Days? 
The Historians’ Days are an encounter that takes place once every two years in the broadest possible context: a marketplace, trade fair, arena or congress. These events feature a representative sample of historical practice and operation and are opportunities to share input about the front lines and challenges in current historical debate.

Who do the Historians’ Days serve?
The Historians’ Days are open to all those professionally active in studying the past: teachers, students, staff at archives, museums and other heritage institutions, independent entrepreneurs, researchers and other history professionals.

Up next!

The coming edition of the Historians’ Days will take place in Maastricht in 2024. The theme for this edition will be ‘Undisciplined History’. Please keep an eye on the Historians’ Days website for the latest information.

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Aftermovie 2022 edition in Rotterdam

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