Save the date 23 May 2019: Evolution or revolution (NWO event)


Join the discussion about the scientist of 2030

NWO event

Join the discussion about the scientist of 2030. Is it time for a scientific revolution? Society is increasingly critical about the value and function of science. Scientists are heavily dependent on citations and ‘impact factors’ for recognition of their work, and they feel under huge pressure to perform and publish while at the same time juggling their other academic responsibilities.

But what does the current system actually tell us about their contribution to science or society? Is it time to recognise a new set of competences for the scientists of tomorrow? How would you like to be recognised as a scientist? This will be the subject of discussion on 23 May. If you have a clear idea and vision about these issues, then you should put the conference on 23 May in your diary. Don’t miss it!

What to expect

Various inspiring speakers will share their vision of the scientist in 2030 and what is needed to achieve this vision. This will be followed by a discussion during which you and the other participants can share your own visions and formulate possible routes to achieve the ‘scientist of 2030’. ZonMw and NWO have organised this conference because we believe it is time to start rethinking how modern scientists are recognised and valued.

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