PhD position ‘Monarchy in Turmoil: Rulers, Courts and Politics in the Netherlands and Germany, c.1780 – c.1820’ (deadline 8 october 2017)

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The Leiden University History Institute (LUIH) and the Huygens Institute for the History of the Netherlands (Huygens ING) invite applicants for a

PhD (research) position (1.0 FTE)
Vacancy number 17-357

Project description

The PhD candidate will carry out research within the framework of the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) funded research project: Monarchy in Turmoil: Rulers, Courts and Politics in the Netherlands and Germany, c.1780 – c.1820. How did rulers in the Netherlands and in adjacent smaller German territories adapt their regimes to ongoing change in legitimacy and decision-making during the transition period 1780-1820?

Two Early Restoration Monarchies (PhD project II)
Project II compares William I Prince/King of the United Kingdom of the Netherlands (1813/1815-c.1820) and Frederick William III King of Prussia (1810 – c.1820). After two decades of revolution and war, how did the Dutch and Prussian Restoration kings define their reinstated monarchical power between traditional legitimacy and the strengthened state bureaucracy, within a changed and volatile international context?

The planned comparative research will be supervised by three researchers leading the project: senior post-doctoral researcher Dr Jos Gabriëls (Huygens ING), Prof Dr Jeroen Duindam (Leiden History Institute) and Prof Dr Ida Nijenhuis (Huygens ING).PhD project I: Two late ancien régime ‘monarchies’ will be carried out by Quinten Somsen The two Napoleonic monarchies of Louis Napoleon King of Holland (1806-1810) and Jerome Napoleon King of Westphalia (1807-1813) form the connection between PhD projects I and II: they will be examined by senior postdoctoral researcher Dr Jos Gabriëls. A project summary and full descriptions of the subprojects can be found at


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