Internship ‘Strikes in Africa’ (deadline 1 October 2017)

The KNAW Humanities Cluster is a collaboration of three KNAW institutes where humanities research (history, ethnology, literature, linguistics) is conducted through advanced methods, and computer sciences play an important role. The KNAW Humanities Cluster includes the International Institute of Social History, the Huygens Institute of Netherlands History and the Meertens Institute. They share one operational office, which organizes and supports the operational management of the Humanities Cluster as a whole and of the three institutes separately.

The International Institute of Social History (IISG) conducts advanced research on the global history of work, workers, and labour relations, and gathers data to this end; which is made available to other researchers as well.

The IISG is looking for a talented


For the project“ Strikes in Africa”

22,8 hours weekly (0,6 fte)


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