mei 2024
23 do

Conference Jewish Studies concerning the Low Countries – Institute of Jewish Studies

On Thursday 23 May 2024 the Institute of Jewish Studies organizes for…

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augustus 2024
22 do

Historicidagen 2024 Maastricht

Van 22 t/m 24 augustus vinden de Historicidagen 2024 plaats…

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september 2024
3 di

ifph2024 : 7th World Conference of the International Federation for Public History

We are pleased to announce the 7th World Conference of…

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september 2024
12 do

Conference – Voices of resistance in and against Dutch empire

Throughout the long history of Dutch empire starting in the…

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oktober 2024
10 do

Labour Inspection in a Global Context

The Conference “Labour Inspection in a Global Context: Balancing the…

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