Tuning into the Noise of Europe: Conference on a new narrative of Europe in times of crisis

18 do
18 januari 2018

Hague University of Applied Science

The Hague University of Applied Science, 18 & 19 January 2018

  • Opening lecture by Luuk van Middelaar (Leiden University, former speechwriter of Herman van Rompuy, the president of the European Council)
  • Keynote lecture by Prof. Nico Carpentier (Uppsala University, Sweden)
  • 24 scholars from more than 20 countries from all over Europe.

artwork by Agata Wawryniuk

After the sovereign debt crisis, the austerity responses of the powerful northern member states with its devastating results for the southern member states, the European Union finds itself confronted with old and new crisis of defining its future.
The European narrative though remains hidden under thick layers of Eurosceptic discourses, and does not provide for a straightforward paved path. Communicating the European vision is all but disrupted between the European elites and the recipients in the member states. Populist parties across Europe hail the death of the European vision. Once more, we find ourselves at crossroads. We need to choose wisely. The current cacophony of narratives of disengagement and isolationism, exemplified by the outcome of the Brexit referendum, seems to put the final dismissive stamp on a peaceful, prosperous and united Europe. It becomes clear that Europe needs a moment of reflection, and take stock of the available paths ahead in the search for a vision that could lead the way.

The aim of this conference, however, is not simply to contribute to this cacophony of voices, or to dwell on constructed narratives that lack substance and remain vague. This conference seeks to identify the reality of the European project as it is lived and perceived and sometimes feared by European citizens.
More information: www.noise-of-europe.com

Contact Info: Antje Grebner | Guido van Hengel

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