ReIRes: Training Programme Bologna 3-5 July 2019

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3 juli 2019


Mainz, Bologna, Sofia, Leuven, Turnhout and Hamburg.ReIReS is proud to announce its Training Programme of six schools on physical materials and six courses on digital infrastructure that will be offered during the project period (2018-2021). The programme is open to scholars and others affiliated with ReIReS partners, and to a maximum of five persons affiliated to institutions outside the consortium.With this program ReIReS will make scholars, librarians and others interested familiar with the range of materials available from its partners. It will support them in using the collection for investigations on historical religious issues and will make them more aware of the importance of making use of the materials. Besides, participants will be trained in how to train others in the same approach.CollectionsIn this program, the ReIReS partners involved with TNA (Trans-National Access) are active and more specifically the libraries and archives that offer access to their collections (situated in Bologna, Leuven, Mainz, Paris and Sophia). These libraries reflect, in their holdings, the religious history of Europe, als in interrelation with extra-European religions and cultures. ReIReS connects them within one research framework which brings together the variety of Europe’s religious history. Each of the collections has its own protocol for acquisition, access and use of the documents and supplies a wealth of material, which results in extensive use also by non-resident and visiting scholars from abroad. All these institutions have training experience and modern equipment and accommodations for training activities.

Schools and Courses

The training programme consists of six one-week schools on the use and study of special documents and six three-days courses on digital humanities and historical religious studies.

The six one-week schools on the use and study of special documents are coordinated by the Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz and will take place in Paris (17-22 February 2019), Sofia (22-27 September 2019), Leuven (15-20 February 2020), Hamburg (14-19 June 2010) and Bologna (20—25 September 2020). The first school in Mainz (23-28 September 2018) has already taken place, and was a successful event.

The six three-day courses on digital humanities and historical religious studies are coordinated by the Leibniz-Institut für Europäische Geschichte (IEG) in Mainz and will take place in Mainz (21-23 January 2019), Bologna (3-5 July 2019), Sofia (19-21 November 2019), Leuven (30 March-1 April 2020), Turnhout (1-3 April 2020) and Hamburg (22-24 November 2020).

Programme and Forthcoming Training

The complete programme with all detailed information can be downloaded from the ReIReS website. The forthcoming course in Mainz (21-23 January 2019) and the forthcoming school in Paris (17-22 February 2019) will be announced shortly via separate press releases.

About ReIReS

ReIReS is a newly formed community of twelve European institutions that are building a unique and highly qualified infrastructure of religious studies. ReIReS brings knowledge into the field of religious pluralism in Europe, thus contributing to a stable society. It explains and implements the idea of “Knowledge Creates Understanding”. The ReIReS initiative started in February 2018, and will continue for three years.

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