Lezing: Andrea Mosterman – Spaces of Enslavement and Resistance in Dutch New York

18 di
18 juli 2023

In this lecture, Andrea Mosterman will explore how Dutch descendants in early New York used their dominance in homes, churches, and public spaces to control the people they enslaved, while enslaved people resisted such control by escaping or modifying these spaces and expanding their mobility and activities within them.

Such close analysis of enslavement in these spaces reveals that slavery in Dutch New York was an advanced system of violence and control that in many ways resembled those of slave societies in the South. Nancy Jouwe will provide comments.

Andrea Mosterman (University of New Orleans) is a historian of early America and the Atlantic World. In her work, she explores the multi-faceted dimensions of slavery, slave trade, and cross-cultural contact in the Dutch Atlantic and Early America with special emphasis on early New York. Her first book, Spaces of Enslavement: A History of Slavery and Resistance in Dutch New York, has been published in the fall of 2021 with Cornell University Press. Andrea is currently researching the 1663/1664 voyage of the Dutch slaver Gideon.

Nancy Jouwe is a cultural historian. She works as a freelance researcher, writer, lecturer and public speaker with a focus on the (post)colonial past and present, intersectionality and social and cultural practices.

Date: 18 July 2023
Time: 15:00
Place: IISG, Cruquiusweg 31, 1019 AT Amsterdam
The lecture and discussion will be followed by drinks. The event is open to the public, but with regard to accommodation, we would like you to register, jacqueline.rutte@bb.huc.knaw.nl. Thank you!

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