Lecture Patricia Mohammed – Reading Between The Lines

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5 juli 2018

Academiegebouw, Room A3, Rijksuniversiteit Groningen

Lecture ‘Reading Between The Lines: Utterances of the photographic image for visual data on gender’ – By Prof. Dr. Patricia Mohammed (University of the West Indies)

There is an understandable scepticism among historians and academicians in various fields about the value of reading data from photographs, paintings and other image depictions. James Ryan refers to the use of photography by the British in visualizing and mapping empire as “imaginative geography” introducing immediately the notion of personal selectivity and presentation of the image as it is produced by the photographer. And he is correct – we cannot view each photographic image as “a truth” but neither can we ignore the signs and signals that photography from its invention began to reveal as data, not only for historical reconstructions of the past but for wide and varied uses that are today taken for granted, among them criminal investigations, medical sciences research and diagnosis, and ethnic or gender identity construction. Concentrating on selected images, this lecture introduces the main scholarly ideas that have informed this area of work, and moves on more specifically to the way in which I have used the photographic image in expanding my understanding and interpretation of gender in Anglophone Caribbean society.

5 July 2018, 10.15-11.00, Room A3 Academy Building, Rijksuniversiteit Groningen

Open to everyone, please register at: promotiemfokken@gmail.com.

After this lecture, Prof. Dr. Patricia Mohammed will be giving a masterclass.

This event is made possible with financial support from ICOG.

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