Jong KNHG – Webinar: Geopolitical consequences of the coronavirus for the EU

21 woe
21 oktober 2020

On October 21 Jong KNHG will organise a webinar about the geopolitical consequences of the coronavirus for the European Union. Ludovica Balducci will provide a general introduction to the European geopolitical scenario and will afterwards analyse the geopolitical consequences of the coronavirus by using the case study of the European Union.

Balducci will elaborate on how the virus impacts the stability of the Union, how it challenges the EU itself and how it influences the already existing North-South divide and exacerbated this fracture. She has lately written an article on the Russian geopolitics of the coronavirus in relation to Italy.

About Ludovica Balducci
Balducci has recently obtained a MA in International Relations with a specialization in International Security at the University of Groningen. During her master’s programme, her research focused on terrorism, transnational crime, geopolitics and the European Union. Her master thesis was aimed at regional policy-making strategies to fight transnational crimes an comprised a comparative case study of the EU and ASEAN with reference to human trafficking. Previously, Balducci obtained a BA in Linguistic and Intercultural Mediation at La Sapienza University of Rome. During these three years, she studied topics like international law, international relations, European law and migration. Balducci was a researcher intern at the George C. Marshall European Center for Security Studies and carried out research on geopolitics with a focus on Russia and the European Union. Before that, she was an intern at the Centro Studi Roma3000 where she was mainly occupied with research on Euro-Mediterranean issues and the European Union. As of now, Balducci will start an internship at the International Relations Institute in Prague as a research assistant.

In short
Date | 21 October 2020
Time | 20:00-21:00 h.
Location | Zoom, sign up via
For members and interested parties
This webinar will be held in English

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