Interiors for Display: Room functionality, interiors and the experience of architectural space – Hanneke Ronnes

18 do
18 februari 2021

Leiden University lecturer and Rijksmuseum curator Alexander Dencher will bring together academics, curators and heritage professionals for a series of lectures that will cover various aspects of the eighteenth-century interior in the Netherlands and Europe.   

The cultural significance of the eighteenth century has long been neglected by historians, who have only begun to understand its fundamental importance to modern notions of comfort, sociability and taste in recent decades. The study of the interiors created in this period reveals the aesthetic and intellectual interests of their owners, which were also reflected in the pictures, furnitures and textiles collected to fill these spaces.

Various speakers:

18 februari 2021: Hanneke Ronnes – Room functionality, interiors and the experience of architectural space: The houses and gardens of Belle van Zuylen/Isabelle de Charrière and her protagonists

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