Heritage and Migration

15 woe
15 mei 2019

New Methods and Historical Contexts
International conference at the Stockholm City Museum
15–16 May 2019

Migration is an urgent global concern. As a social and historical phenomenon, migration can be understood as an aspect of the human condition. Transnational migration has intensified in recent years, and researchers claim that climate change will cause further escalation. Simultaneously, the construction of separating walls increases globally, and the requirements for crossing borders legally have risen dramatically and unequally.

How is cultural heritage linked to these processes? This conference will elucidate and complicate relations between cultural heritage and migration – from new methods within local heritage practices to historical and global contexts. How does migration relate to notions of place, home and borders as heritage? How can migration be understood as a form of cultural heritage? How can cultural heritage professionals enhance their expertise in relation to migration?

The programme interweaves theoretical analysis and practice based knowledge, and invites the heritage and museum sector to active participation in panel debates, group discussions and a live performance.

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