Session on open access publishing and Plan S at the Annual Meeting of the AHA in Seattle, 2021

Antia Wiersma, the director of the Royal Netherlands Historical Society and Tessa Lobbes, the managing editor of BMGN – Low Countries Historical Review, will organize a session on Plan S and open access publishing at the next Annual Meeting of the American Historical Association (AHA) in Seattle in January 2021. This session aims to discuss the demands and the consequences of Plan S for academic publishing in the field of history in Europe and in the United States.

By inviting speakers from the Netherlands and the United States, different perspectives on Plan S as well as different experiences with open access publishing will be discussed. This session will take a closer look at the Dutch historians’ response to Plan S. The Royal Netherlands Historical Society is the co-founder of the National Platform for Open Access Publishing in the Humanities in the Netherlands. During this session Wiersma will give a demonstration of this newly founded initiative. Lobbes will discuss the ramifications of Plan S on BMGN – Low Countries Historical Review. This journal is a leading peer-reviewed journal for the history of the Netherlands and Belgium and is published in full open access journal since 2012. Finally, the session explores American responses to Plan S and American initiatives in open access publishing. This presentation will be given by Martin Burke, the president of the Conference of Historical Journals and co-editor of the Journal of the History of Ideas.


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